Technological Background

Embedded Solutions 3000 is an innovative technology company from Israel.

Over 95% of the people in the company are engineers. More than 10% of our people have doctor and master degrees. We have been working with Israeli military since 2002. With our strong R&D knowledge and capability, we have obtained several key patents in network security area.

In 2013, we started to extend the technology usage from military segment to civilian segment and go to the overseas market.

Our Expertise and Experience

Our main expertise is in Time Critical and Mission Critical networking:

  • Strict real-time data transportation
  • Deterministic data delivery above the non-deterministic Internet infrastructure
  • Algorithms for data processing (including Post Quantum analysis)
  • Mathematical Modelling of network behaviour and abnormal events identification
  • Algorithms and methods for transparent network protection and real-time data manipulation
  • Military-Grade and Industrial-Grade network devices
  • Secured Data Centres for hosting of business sensitive environment and data manipulation



Based on our patented technologies, we’ve developed “BitNetSentry” as a unique network security solution for time critical and mission critical networks.

BitNetSentry (BNS) is a smart gateway designed for Fraud Detection and Prevention, Critical Infrastructure Network Protection and Special Network Solutions with the following characteristics:


BNS does not have IP address nor hardware address. There is no way to detect, attack or penetrate it. From the network point of view, BNS is invisible in the network.


BNS has several key features such as data inspection, data modification and data redirection. All can be done in “bit-level”. It can manipulate any data context, data pattern, traffic source and/or destination addresses, data flow direction. Together with other features, BNS is an excellent solution for detecting and preventing “insider” and “outsider” network attacks

Low latency

BNS runs in the low-level layer of the network. It has a negligible latency of just few nano-seconds. As a result, there is no impact on the network performance for any critical infrastructure and heavy traffic networks

Protocol Agnostic

BNS runs on layer 2 (data link layer). Any protocol and application can run on top of it. Therefore, it will not affect the existing network and can be easily and seamlessly integrated in any networks.

Examples of Use Cases

Industrial Espionage

Attempts of an Insider (IT administrator) to provide the access to the company’s data base from outside (competitor’s home)

IT administrator has all the needed authorization to get the access to any data of the company. Therefore he easily can set a VPN from the hidden location to the data base. Moreover he can also easily define the source address of the request to the data access as a correct address of the company. That is why the VPN would be fully legal, correct and will pass all firewall checking

BNS seamlessly puts the fingerprints (that are changed constantly according to a special mathematical model with variable parameters) to the traffic. The fingerprints are actually some bit changes. That is why the entire procedure has zero-latency and is fully invisible for other network entities. The access to the data base is allowed only via the BNS box(es). If the traffic comes from illegal location (even with correct protocol parameters  and source addresses) it will be dropped and its location will be reported as required

Real-Time redirection of certain kinds of the traffic to different destinations

Selection and sorting of real-time data traffic coming from the same sources to the same destinations. The customer (VOD and interactive games service provider) had to provide different services, different priorities and different bandwidth to the same consumer according to a billing code embodied into the traffic

All services are provided in a hard real-time. 1 millisecond delay in the data delivery is considered huge. That is why the context-aware traffic management is totally unacceptable

BNS manages the traffic at the bit level. The required billing code and other customer’s criteria for the traffic selection were configured as bit patterns. It allowed a zero latency for the traffic handling.

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